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Local Locksmith 24/7 Windows and Gates Services

Windows and Gates

Local Locksmith 24/7 offers Safety and security locksmith services for Residential and Commercial. Why choose window gates? If you own a home or rent and you have young children, We highly recommend you consider installing safety gates for your home.

Why choose anti-burglar bars? Why not take the extra precaution to prevent burglars from having an easy entrance to you home? Do you live in a poor maintained neighborhood and you live in lower apartment with easy access? If you answered yes to any of those questions, Local Locksmith 24/7 recommend installing window gates for your property. Window gates have metal grilles which are mounted to the frame of your windows which are preventable from keeping children from harm or fall and stern enough from preventing a burglary.

According to the Department of Buildings, if you live in a home or apartment, especially on the lower level floors, each room used for sleeping in residential site must be open for emergency escape or rescue. Same goes with security gates. They must be able to operate from inside without a key or electric Latch.

“According to a new issued statement by the U.S. consumer products safety commission (CPSC). the industry standards developed at the urging of CPSC ensures that guards are strong enough to prevent a fall and those in lower apartment buildings, safety guards should open easily to escape in case of fire”.

Why Choose Window Guards: